Laguna de Alegria: The Emerald of Usulután

Nature and the past has left a gift on the mountain. At least this is what the inhabitants of Alegría, Usulután, to greet tourists who have decided to explore its beautiful attractions.

Laguna de Alegría

This town is lying on the slopes of the volcano Tecapa, at an altitude of 1,300 meters above the sea level. What makes it one of the cities more fresh from the country. This has allowed the cultivation of coffee and other plants that do not occur in many parts of El Salvador.

The city has great tourist attractions, notably its beautiful volcanic lagoon.

The Laguna de Alegria is located in the crater of Tecapa, in the Tecapa-Chinameca, less than two kilometers from the city. The lagoon has easy access through a cobblestone Street that passes through coffee plantations. The input is controlled and there are restrictions to ensure the conservation of the site. The Laguna de Alegria because his Emerald sulphur and minerals that are found in the crater of the volcano.

The legend says that at night is a siren who loves all the young virgins who come to bathe in the waters. Other legends that counts with the place is the “happy Palmerito”, a small tree found in the walls of the crater and that has the quality of move to pleasure.

A variety of options

But the unique appeal of Alegría is not limited to its beautiful lagoon, also the city account with their own merits to become a true tourist stop.

Nurseries route leads to discover more than 150 home nurseries of ornamental plants, scattered in the city. These have been created by the locals to bring more income to their families. An interesting point is that because of the limited space you have these nurseries, people have turned to the small roofs hanging gardens.

Among other attractions that the place has, are the House of Alberto Masferrer, the one hundred steps (costs of the devil) and the geothermal plant.

But the fun doesn’t end there, since restaurants as “Cartagena”, “My little town” and “Emerald Café” offer a variety of dishes and live music to brighten up each time.

How to get there

From San Salvador.

To get to this small garden there are two options. You can choose the one you prefer. First you can take the coastal road and arriving at the city of Usulután take the detour has Santiago de Maria, then look for the path to Alegría. Second, if you are driving along the Pan-American Highway, take the detour towards Mercedes Umaña and when you arrive at Berlin, take the road towards Alegría.

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