Plan de La Laguna Botanical Garden

The Plan de La Laguna Botanical Garden is located in what was a crater. The volcano erupted 2,200 years ago, with the passage of time formed a lagoon within the gap, water mirror was dissolved after an earthquake in 1973, that gave way to a vast expanse of fertile land, which was subsequently divided in reserve area and industrial area. This garden is in the reserve area.

Plan de La Laguna Botanical Garden

Although she is composed of 43 land, just 4.6 blocks are open to the public. The garden is divided into 32 areas and in total offers a sample of 3,500 species of plants of our territory and many parts of the world, cafeteria service with a pond with fish and aquatic plants, playground, library and lounge for sale.

The Association has special objectives based on the tradition that had the particular garden that originated it, following the conservation concepts that underlie most of the botanical gardens in the world.

It works under basic principles of ecological interrelatedness of species where the plants are protected each other from any pests and is not necessary to use chemicals that could decimate to beneficial insects and small animals in the area.

It also is intended to defend the integrity of the flora and the fauna in the garden and under its protection as well as any other Salvadoran vegetation, forests promote educational, scientific, and practical; activities that have allowed him to become the only Center of botanical research in El Salvador.

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