Minimum wage in El Salvador 2015

The new minimum wage in El Salvador 2015 will be in effect from January 1 this year and it will reflect an increase of 4%, with respect to the previous.

Doing a bit of memory will remember that in July 2013, the national minimum wage Council agreed to make a 12% increase to the minimum wage also known as El Salvador minimum wage, but this would be done in three parts of 4% each, the first one would be in July 2013, the second in January 2014 and the last in January 2015.

Minimum wage in El Salvador 2015

The measure to increases in three periods was proposed by private enterprise, claiming that the small and medium-sized companies in the country could not absorb the costs of a single increase of 12%, due to the economic crisis of that time.

According to the law, the minimum wage in our country should be checked every three years to verify the possibility of some increase, taken into account factors such as current inflation and other economic issues.

In an official study carried out in the month of October 2014, it was concluded that the cost of the basic basket in El Salvador is $193.10 and $139.06 to rural areas; taking into account the minimum inputs to live.

Another aspect to consider is that the salary varies depending on the work area, so that the minimum wage in El Salvador 2015 is follows:

  • Trade and services: $251.70
  • Industry: $246.60
  • Manufacturing, textiles and clothing: $210.90
  • Short coffee: $129.00
  • Agricultural sector: $118.20
  • Sugar cane harvest: $109.20
  • Cotton crop: $98.70

For biweekly salary divide between fifteen and for the daily salary divide by 30.

This increase must be complied with by all the companies, otherwise those who fail to comply with this provision could risk being fined with economic sanctions that range from the $57.14 per violation to the minimum daily wage.

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