Olocuilta is one of the municipalities of the Department of La Paz, El Salvador. Its name comes from the voices nawat olocuil, which means “measuring worm” and ta, which translates as town or place, so it would be “place of measuring worm”.



This one of the oldest places in our country, which believed that it was founded in ancient times by the Pipil tribes.

For the year 1550 had about 1,500 inhabitants. The intendance of San Salvador was established in 1786 and was one of their 15 matches (a kind of sub-units or departments) of Olocuilta.

The title of villa obtained it in the year of 1852, although there is no physical records of that event; so some historians have written that it could have been some twenty years prior to that date. The title City won it in 1916.


Three festivals are celebrated in Olocuilta:

  • At Easter, in honor to the Lord of la Caridad.
  • June 24: in honor to San Juan Bautista, who is patron of the municipality.
  • Second Saturday of October: in honor of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary


In this municipality there are gastronomic tourism since this place is famous for the production of pupusas. In fact there is a festival which is celebrated the second Sunday of November, on the national day of pupusas in El Salvador. Here it is customary and is a tradition create the world’s largest pupusa, as well as also make eating pupusas and the faster pupuseras contests.

Olocuilta has places where pupusas are made, these are known as “pupusodromos”. There are currently four pupusodromos, which are known with the names: El triangle, corner, Buena Vista and the cuff.

One of the reasons why there is increased trade and demand for pupusas, is precisely because Olocuilta is located on the road that leads to the Airport International of El Salvador, so many tourists or compatriots when they come to the country pass through this place with pupusas.

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