Apaneca is one of the most picturesque villages in El Salvador. It is the highest mountain in our country, the views that can be seen from Apaneca are truly majestic.

Apaneca, El Salvador

Located in the Department of Ahuachapán, 111 kilometres approximately from the capital, you can access Apaneca, Juayua (by Sonsonate) via and Ahuachapán.

Apaneca is surrounded by the sierra Apaneca-Ilamatepec that crosses the municipality of West to East, being their main elevations mounts Chichicastepeque, La Fábrica, Texisal or el Cerrito and the nymphs.

The Pipils – pre-Columbian existed already in 1576, during the administration of General Carlos Ezeta, Apaneca receives the title of villa on April 27, 1893.

According to several historians, Apaneca means “River of the wind” because it comes from the roots of Apan (River) and Ejecat (wind), another meaning is “where are the gusts of wind” and “Land of the river”.

Apaneca has a temperate climate, in the mountains, the climate is cold. Among the main tourist attractions are the colonial church, laguna Verde, laguna de Las Ninfas, pit Coajusto, etc.

On August 18, 1996 it was declared “Tourist zone” by the former President Armando Calderon Sol. Although to date, there is no formal plan to take advantage of the tourism potential of Apaneca.

The forests that cover the area near the lagoons are tropical, walks or hikes in these places undoubtedly are an unforgettable experience by contact with nature.

The area is visited by foreigners and countrymen, if you want a guided tourist walk you can use “Arevalo Service”, opposite the Church colonial and even carry his memory of this beautiful part of our country.

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