El Tamarindo Beach

El Tamarindo beach is located in the Department of La Unión, in El Salvador; at a distance of 190 km from the capital San Salvador. Because of the distance it is also one of the least visited beaches of El Salvador.

El Tamarindo Beach

After taking the coastal road we need to take a tour of more than 12 km of rough road, but it is worthwhile, because once in El Tamarindo, you can Tan safely in a solitary, almost private atmosphere, or immerse yourself in this sea, whose waves are almost a caress for the visitor.

The name of the beach is precisely the abundance that exist in the area of the tropical fruit known as tamarind.

Characteristics, El Tamarindo is one of the recommended places for those looking to relax in a quiet environment. The little waves and shallow water in the area is perfect for activities diving, riding a boat or ATV or some sports such as swimming, fishing, volley ball and beach soccer.

In the area you can find lancheros offering their services to tourists who wish to discover the coast of El Salvador, Jiquilisco Bay or the islands of the Gulf of Fonseca.

How to get there

If you are travelling by car, take the coastal highway until you reach El Delirio and turn right. It continues until you find a detour that shows the route to the beaches. After Las Tunas and black beaches, you will find El Tamarindo.

By bus from San Salvador, at the East Terminal should take the route of buses 301 to San Miguel, and once there 385 route that leads to El Tamarindo.

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