Perquín, Morazán

Perquin and its surroundings offers the nature lovers a wide tourist offer. If you are interested in walks among pine forests, bird watching, swim in the cool waters of one of the rivers that run through these places, breathe fresh air and enjoy a pleasant weather among other things, then we recommend you visit Perquín, Morazán Department.

Perquín, Morazán

The small town of Perquin is located to the North of the Department of Morazan, 205 km. from San Salvador and became widely known outside our borders as a region controlled by opposition forces during the armed conflict that ended in 1992.

Many of the inhabitants of Perquin and its surrounding regions have opted to emigrate to the State of war that existed at that time, either to cities such as San Miguel or San Salvador, or toward the United States and even Europe.

Some / as another / as chose to join opposition forces and took refuge in the mountains and hills. Then, with the end of the armed conflict, some / ACE of the inhabitants returned to their former homes and made grow again the cities once abandoned.

It was thanks to the few inhabitants that this region retained its natural beauty and ecological wealth, (because as you know where there is always human beings there is destruction and environmental impact, which is often the need for survival product.)

Gradually, since 1992, Perquin has been visited both by tourists and foreigners. Sites like the familiar Toad River and its protected area, the Negro River, hills such as El Gigante and the Pericón offer the tourists their natural and historical wealth.

There are two mountain hotels we recommend by your standards of quality and cleanliness in Perquin: the Hotel Perkin Lenca and El Ocotal, who also have restaurant facilities. There are other options to stay but they are basic and obviously more economical, as the hosting giant, and Mama Toya hostel.

If your desire is to camping can be done in sites as the Ecoalberge River Toad, administered by PRODETUR. To perform a walk or visiting any tourist site, we recommend you also contact PRODETUR, who tour guides are experts who know the area and its attractions. Perquin has low levels of insecurity and crime, we recommend the tours in the company of some of the guides.

From Perquin can navigate to other sites like: Cacaopera, Corinto, El Mozote, etc.

It is worth visiting the city the first week of August during which is celebrated every year the “Winter Festival”, which is an artistic and cultural event, and is held in commemoration of the end of the armed conflict and the beginning of a stage of peace and tranquility.

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