Beach San Marcelino

San Marcelino beach is located in the Department of La Paz, in El Salvador, specifically at kilometer 60 tourist area known as the Costa del Sol.

On this beach you can find a series of dining rooms and restaurants with tables on the seafront, offering visitors various dishes, including fresh seafood such as seafood, fish stuffed with shrimp, lobster, Ceviche.

Beach San Marcelino

Here you can also find some hotels where to stay and also perform activities such as fishing and playing Beach soccer. It is also typical to see many birds at the edge of the beach.

Beach San Marcelino had a sudden growth in tourism in the early 90s and today is visited by many national and foreign tourists, especially in the weekends and holidays.

How to get there

If you are driving by car from San Salvador, take the highway towards the airport. Look for the signs to beaches and turn right entering the coastal road (CA-2), far the Jiboa bridge, take the Boulevard exit in direction to the Costa del Sol.

To get to the beaches of San Marcelino, you will find the signs that indicate the input located on the right to enter the area of dining rooms and beach open to the public.

If you will be transported by bus, Board the route 133 in the South Terminal (San Marcos, on the outskirts of San Salvador) bound to Zacatecoluca and request to be allowed to get off at the turn-off to Costa del Sol. At that point it will take the route 193 to take you to the Costa del Sol.

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