Pupusas, the typical dish of El Salvador

Pupusas are the national dish of El Salvador. If you travel to El Salvador you find places that sell pupusas in almost any corner. These places are called pupuserias. The cost of pupusas depends on the ingredients and the size that are made, but round cost between $0.25 and $1.00.

Pupusas, El Salvador

The most consumed pupusas are cheese, pork and beans; also in some places made pupusas of ingredients and they are known like revueltas pupusas. Although there are other ingredients that can be added like spinach, fish, mora and traditionally in his time are added lorocos.

The basis of pupusas is mass, which is usually corn boiled and ground, but also the mass of rice is produced. And to eat them they are accompanied with curtido (cabbage chopped) and tomato sauce.

Finally add that pupusas should be enjoyed without fork to find them their genuine taste. Salvadorans eat pupusas with fingers and are proud to be our national dish of El Salvador.

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