Tamales pisques Salvadorans (recipe)

Tamales pisque Salvadorans are a delicious tradition of our country which can be tasted at any time. Unlike traditional tamales that are known, tamales pisque are filled with beans ground in the Centre, and covered with dough and Orchard (from banana) leaf.

Tamales pisques Salvadorans (recipe)

The preparation of tamales pisques Salvadorans depends on the number of tamales that want to make, usually families here tend to make quite a few, but they can be made in small quantities, with ingredients whose cost is low.

The recipe then you present is to develop around the Central magnificent of 30 tamales, and the ingredients you need are as follows:

  • 2 pounds of corn
  • 3 cups mashed and fried beans
  • 1/2 pound butter
  • Seasoning for chicken and salt to taste
  • Huerta leaves to cover


The first thing is to cook the corn a day earlier and grind it in corn mill for the mass, but also can be made with cornmeal.

The mass of corn we add a bit of water, so that it is not very hard or very watery, also add salt to taste, the chicken seasoning and butter (if you wish you can use lard), then you must Cook this dough.

The next step is to prepare the leaves of Orchard, which are indispensable to give them a better taste of tamales, however we need that these sheets are tight and so we put them in the Sun until they are slightly toasted, Wash sheets before you put them in the Sun, since they may contain dust.

Now begins the preparation of tamales pisques you and cut a piece of foil about 25 centimeters, add two tablespoons of dough and Center adds a spoonful of beans, then you should wrap these ingredients on the sheet, so that dough out and that it is properly secured, if desired can be used plastic wrap (Feather) to cover the blade of the Tamale.

The last step is to place the tamales in a pan on the heat, adding water to the pot and leaving them to fire for a period of an hour and a half until they are thoroughly cooked.

When it comes to eating them, they usually be accompanied with tomato sauce, and even tanning of cabbage.

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