El Salvador flag

The National Flag of El Salvador is one of the national symbols of El Salvador is a parallelogram fabric composed of three horizontal stripes: the first and the third blue, white the center. Its official dimensions are 3.25 meters long and 1.89 wide; each strip, 0.63 wide. It can be given any dimension, provided you keep the same dimensions and colors. The two blue stripes symbolize the two oceans around Central America: the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic, the white symbolizes peace.

National flag of El Salvador

The national flag of El Salvador has been in the middle of the white stripe the national emblem or the words “God Union Freedom. The Shield is taken if the organization that sets the flag is government (President’s House, embassies, government offices, etc.) . and everything concerning the army (barracks, airplanes, ships, etc.) The national flag of El Salvador take “God Union Freedom” in gold letters if placed by any individual or organization other than the government, such as schools , public buildings, merchant ships, etc.

It was adopted on 17 May 1912 by the Legislature, the initiative was the President of the Republic, Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo. It is the same Flag American Federation decreed by the National Assembly on August 21, 1823. His colors were chosen by Manuel José Arce when he was named head of the Salvadoran militants who fought annexation of the United Provinces of Central America to Mexico 1822.

The President himself of the Republic, Manuel Enrique Araujo, hoisted the new national flag of El Salvador in the pole placed in front of the Presidential Tribune Campus Martius, on the morning of September 15, 1912 to make official the new Symbol Homeland.

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