The poza of the Bululú (Legend)

An old legend says that in the Department of Sonsonate is located a river called Sensunapán, according to this legend, which has been handed down for generations in this river there is a pond called Bululu, which is ‘haunted’, because there was a crate of gold containing a paste filled with bright and silvery soap.

River Sensunapán, in Sonsonate

These objects belonged to an Indian Princess, who one day went to take a walk by the place and liked both the pool of the river who decided to go for a swim in the part less waveform when suddenly was neglected, slipped on a stone, and as he could not swim, drowned there.

Some curious people who reach the place after what happened have wanted to seize the objects, but mysteriously to want to touch them seen them disappear and appear on the other side of the puddle.

He has managed to touch them has sunk in the pond and has never been able to get and those who have arrived and have been unwilling to seize them and only see them; are they filled with blessings and wealth in your home.

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