Monument to the Divino Salvador del Mundo

The monument to the Divino Salvador del Mundo is located in the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador, specifically in the Plaza of the Americas, which is also known as the Plaza of el Salvador del Mundo, at the end of the Roosevelt Mall. This monument, which is considered as a national symbol, is composed of the figure of Christ on a globe mounted on a pedestal of 18 meters.

Monument to the Divino Salvador del Mundo

This image of Cristo de el expresidente Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo adorned the Tomb from 1913 until 1942, later the family of the President gave the image to the Archbishop of San Salvador Monseñor Luis Chávez y González. The monument was designed by architect José María Barahona Villaseñor was unveiled on November 26, 1942.

Every 6 August Salvadorans mark the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ, an event occurred on Mount Tabor, in the lands of Palestine. The celebration also has this monument as a main part.

In 2010 the plaza in which the monument is the Divino Salvador del Mundo was remodeled by the Mayor of San Salvador. The improvement included the renovation of sidewalks, the stands and the area of the flags. The image of Christ was also renovated with new paint. Also, the change of name of Plaza las Américas became Plaza Salvador del Mundo.

This square is an American icon and a benchmark capital, is an icon, linking to all Salvadoran under a same phrase: “Viva el divino Salvador!”.

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