Panchimalco, a town of traditions

On the road that leads to Planes de Renderos, South of the capital, is the turn-off to Panchimalco, a village that evokes a great story from its entry. It was founded by the descendants of the toltecs, its population of indigenous origin (Ladino Indians mostly) still but to a lesser scale their native language Nahuatl, which is practiced by the influence of modernization.

Panchimalco, El Salvador

What is the meaning of your name?

Pan = “Pant”, panti = flag
Chimal = coat of arms
Co = place (place of coats of arms and flags).

In the square in the Center a large tree of amate and, in the rear, a huge maquilishuat cover the entrance to the Church Panchimalco Santa Cruz, which has a beautiful colonial-style facade.

Something that characterizes Panchimalco are its streets paved, its people, its crafts and its church colonial type, of which there is not an exact date of the beginning of its construction, but according to the archives of this temple there was a construction in the year 1736, is also in that year that a strong earthquake cracked its walls breaking the cover of adobes , leaving without any basis. It is until February 27, 1975 which, by Legislative Decree, Panchimalco Church was declared a national monument.

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