Time of El Salvador

The time of El Salvador applies in the same way in all departments of the country, due to its short territorial extension. The current time of El Salvador is:


Time of El Salvador:



Every country in the world is governed by an area where is handled the same time; in this way, the time zone where El Salvador is known as UTC/GMT – 6, this is useful know it because in many web services used for the purposes of updating of data.

Note also that the time of El Salvador is the same throughout the year, unlike other countries that have a schedule of summer and winter to economize resources and electrical energy using the Sun.

You also commented that there is a service of Claro El Salvador, which consists in a number to check the time in El Salvador, marking the 117 number from your fixed or mobile line clearing.

How to tell the time in another country?

See the map below. Time zone – 6 is that of El Salvador. It is the country from which you want to know the time. If you are to the left of El Salvador, subtract one hour for every time zone; If you are very right an hour for each time zone.

Time of El Salvador

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