Tips for job hunting in El Salvador

One of the things that you will need more than ever is looking for work in El Salvador, and especially taking into account that in our country is difficult to find a stable job, so that we are presenting this article with some tips and recommendations to do so.

Tips for job hunting in El Salvador

Voluntary candidacy

One of the ways to get a job in El Salvador is to propose your candidacy voluntarily. This does not ensure that you hired fast, if not that you might take into account when there is a square. It may take a few days, months or even years before you speak.

When you do a voluntary bid, have the advantage that you can decide what companies or business would like to work. But you need to push yourself a little more and filing applications in more places.

When you leave to search you must have a very good personal, friendly, discreet and presentation to call attention positively. You must also go with a positive mentality in some places that you decide to present your voluntary candidacy may be rejected or tell you that they are not hiring staff in those moments.

Apply for a job

The other option we have is to apply directly to a square. It is when you know exactly that there is a vacancy in any company or business so you are calling to occupy it.

Some ideas that we suggest you realize where you can apply to a square, are as follows:

  • Talk frequently with your acquaintances, contact networks, former of study or work, many times papers are obtained when someone informs you that there is a vacancy, so it is advisable to keep you always “socialized”.
  • Check newspaper ads; every day publishes hundreds of classified ads in which you can find a space available to you.
  • Attend job fairs; There are few initiatives but when they give you should take advantage of them. A job fair is an activity where companies present to recruit future employees.
  • Out on the street; If you want a job you must go find it, sometimes you’ll find signs on the walls or outside business where you may see that it prompted a employee.

Tools on the internet

Today almost all have access to the internet, so it is a valuable tool that should be used, in this case to find work in El Salvador.

The following are some of the websites where you can find jobs specifically in El Salvador, in some you can even narrow your search to departments of our country.

  • (Ministry of labour)


As a last chance and if you have the means to do so, if you cannot find a suitable job, the best is that you decide to undertake some activity you like and which you feel comfortable. Large companies have been born of small ideas, small investments that is able to manage and which gradually became large.

If you decide to start a business on your own we recommend that you previously advisors in the activity that you will develop. You can visit our site elgeeksv where you will find a section specially created for entrepreneurs.

Final recommendations

Finally we give a series of recommendations aimed to make your rather effective job search. It can that initially do not give you work anywhere due to lack of experience, so you will have to accept any decent and honest work to be gaining that experience from the beginning, so it all went.

To go also gaining experience it is necessary to get ready, today there are many even free options to prepare in a specialty determined by occupation courses.

Finally, be punctual and responsible when they request your presence. If leave you an interview to 8 o’clock in the morning, minutes before you have to be in place, that will speak well of ti and will give an acceptable image of yourself.

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