Usulután, El Salvador

Usulután in Nahuatl means “The city of the ocelots”, and is a Department that is located 110 km from San Salvador and 90 meters above the sea level and was one of the most important towns of our country. It was founded by Lenca tribes, who then was conquered and subdued by the Pipil in the 15th century.

Department of Usulután

In 1539, the usulutecos did bother to Don Pedro de Alvarado and his army at that time built what is now the Bay of Jiquilisco, but failed the population of the place and just underwent.

This Department is well known for its mouth which is full of natural beauty to our country, among them are: the Lempa River, the of the downturn and the Chepona. It also has its famous and beautiful beach of El Espino, a favorite with tourists. Puerto El Triunfo and Puerto Parada are other of the commercial and tourist attractions of the region. These options make Usulutan is one of the places most visited by domestic and foreign tourists during the summer.

Usulután has beautiful cities that are known for the friendliness of its inhabitants and the beauty that have, that national and international tourists visit them.

This Department of the East of the country, was called, in the years of the flourishing agricultural, “The granary of El Salvador”, for its vast production of basic grains. Located in the low coast, about 90 meters above the sea level and 110 kilometers from San Salvador, the road of the Coast Highway in perfect conditions spanning the entire Salvadoran territory by the coastal part.

Usulután, is a Department that has great tourist attractions, both in the coastal zone and its mountain range.

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