The city of Usulután is located 110 kilometres east of the capital city, at 90 meters above the sea level in the Department of the same name.

Usulután is a pre-Columbian town founded by Lenca tribes and then conquered by the pipiles in the 15th century. By Legislative Decree from 1st of March of 1827, he received the title of villa, and by Legislative Decree of February 6, 1860, during the administration of the Captain General Gerardo Barrios, obtained the title of city. On June 22, 1865 she was appointed head of the Department Usulután.

Usulután, El Salvador

The place name Náhuat Usulután means “City of the ocelots”, other meanings are “Place of the pregnant cobs”, “Where the black iguanas abound”.

The most cultivated agricultural products are: cereals, citrus fruits, cotton, coffee, sugar cane, hortenses plants, mangroves, pastures and coconut trees. There are breeding livestock, poultry and bees, as progress support fishing in rivers, Palo Galan and Jiquilisco Bay Lagoon.

Their neighborhoods are El Centro, El Calvario, La Parroquia, Las Mercedes and Candelaria.

Their festivities are from 19 to 25 November in honour to Santa Catarina. During the festivities are organized beceroles, burning of gunpowder, sports games, recreational games, as “the greasy pole”, “spoon and egg”, “encostalados”, “target shooting”.

Children, bursting pinatas, distribution of sweets, bread and soft drinks. Also presents artists and national ensembles, music competitions, livestock and agricultural exhibitions, tape of motorcycles, carts, swimming competition racing.

Most important tourist places are Jiquilisco Bay and the beach El Espino among others.

Usulután has been the birthplace of distinguished citizens such as Gregorio Melara, Alberto Masferrer writer and the former President Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo, among others.

Birthplace of Luis Angel Firpo of the 1a Division of the national football, 4 times national champion and twice runner-up, here have emerged figures such as Carcamo Batres and Carlos Rivera, Geovanny Triguero, Marlon Menjivar. Firpo also be unveiled Raúl Díaz Arce and Mauricio Cienfuegos.

Usulután is a magical place of our beloved El Salvador customs, legends and traditions. Go a fraternal and emotional greeting for people who are away from their beloved terruño Usulután.

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