Lago Suchitlan

Also known as the Cerrón Grande reservoir, Lake suchitlan is El Salvador’s largest artificial lake. Its waters are shared by four departments located in the Center and North of the Republic of El Salvador, which are: Chalatenango, Cabañas, Cuzcatlán and San Salvador. Access more quickly is through the city of Suchitoto.

Lago Suchitlan

This Lake was formed during the winter of 1976, after completing the construction of the Central hydroelectric plant of the great Cerron; which takes its name from the farm that was located on the banks of the same, over the Lempa River.

Here you can find different kinds of fish that make up the Lake fauna, most of these were introduced. Among the fauna of its surroundings have: pichiches, zarzetas, rabbits, turtles, etc.

Lake Suchitlan extension is actually variable: in winter reaches 135 kms., its elevation is also among 182 meters above the level of the sea in summer to fluctuate and 234 meters above sea level, which is where achieved 2150 million uubicos meters.

Alejandro Coto named him of Suchitlán, which in Nahuatl language means “place of the bird-flower”.

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