Cabañas park, Sensuntepeque

According to a legend, the hill where the Park is located was formed by Indians that, in his desperation to keep his treasure from the Spanish, buried him forming this small mountain which is now visited by many tourists.

Parque Cabañas en Sensuntepeque

This Park, at the top of the Cerro Pelon, was built on the initiative of the Commander Daniel J. Castillo, in the administration of Rafael Zaldívar, and arranged by the general Benjamín Trabanino González. Mayor of Sensuntepeque has continued with the works of restoration and maintenance of this tourist place.

The entire city of Sensuntepeque and its surroundings can be seen from this site, dominant height. The dome of the Church, Luciano Herández Park, and wheels for the holidays.

You can see the volcano of Izalco; the Santa Ana Lamatepec volcano; and the Chinchontepec of San Vicente. This Park dominates much of the visual field of the territory of the Republic, from the border of Guatemala and much of the dark Honduran mountains.

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