Amapulapa is a water park or tourist center which is located near the town of San Vicente, 60 kilometers east of San Salvador. The name in nahuatl means: “River where los Amates sink”.


This recreation area has an extension of 33 blocks and the richness of this natural park is located on its soil of volcanic ash and lava. In it there are many water births of which feeds the same, the flora is characterized by los Amates, which beautify the place.

Within their facilities visitors will find 4 swimming pools for adults and 4 swimming pools for children, if you are a lover of the slides Amapulapa boasts of two-one for adults and one for children.

There is also 1 cafeteria and 8 picnic areas where you can eat typical food of our country, if you are a sports lover you are going to be able to practice it Amapulapa has a soccer field and basketball 1, the Park has a capacity of 100 vehicles and 36 family cabins where you can spend a pleasant day in the company of loved ones.

The tourist center is open Wednesday through Sunday, hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The cost of entry is $1 adults, children under 10 years and the elderly: are free. Parking per vehicle: $0.69 and cabins: $4.00.

To get to Amapulapa you should take the road to San Vicente, which leads to Zacatecoluca and vice versa. Travel along the Pan-American Highway pass through San Vicente and then operate on the street that leads to Zacatecoluca, until you find the detour.

If you are traveling on the road coast should manage to find the detour to San Vicente, Tecoluca and then you will find the turn-off to the Park

Bus must address route 177, at the East Terminal, then get off at the junction and wait there one of the pick-up that go towards the Park.

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