Lake Guija

Guija Lake is a lake in Central America with an area shared by El Salvador and Guatemala. It is located on the northwest border of El Salvador and eastern Guatemala, between the Salvadoran department of Santa Ana and the Guatemalan department of Jutiapa, at a height of 430 meters. The lake has an area of ​​approximately 45 km².

Lake Guija

In this body of freshwater flowing the Ostúa, Angue and Cusmapa rivers. Guija Lake pours its flow on the right bank of the Rio Lempa river where the drain hydroelectric dam is Guajoyo. Two large peninsulas narrow the lake. In the Salvadoran side of the lake (which is about 32 km²) are the islands of Teotipa, Cerro de Tule and Iguatepec, where for the first excavations in 1924, decerámica have discovered numerous pre-Columbian pieces. The lake is surrounded by volcanoes de Mita, San Diego and Cerro Quemado (now extinct).

The landscape seen from the small islands that are located within the Lake Guija, like Teotipa, is a deep green, lush vegetation result in highlighting the nance, cedar, flying, mahogany, blackwood, rubber and chichipince, ideal habitat for birds such as the quetzal, the conzontli and American calender addition to numerous reptiles such as snakes and boa snake and lizards.

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