Costa del Sol El Salvador

The coast of the Sun, El Salvador is one of the places most visited by national and foreign tourists, especially in the Easter holidays. This area is also considered as the country’s largest resort, boasts several kilometers long, where beaches, Islands, mouths, estuary, mangroves and other natural attractions, among which we can mention: Beach San Marcelino, Los white beach, Beach Costa del Sol, Estero de Jaltepeque, Bocana Cordoncillo, island Tasajera, Bocana Lempa River, La Puntilla among others.

Costa del Sol El Salvador

The Costa del Sol is located in the Department of La Paz, and also has the beach of the same name, which has an extension of about 15 kilometers, considered one of the best and most famous beaches of el Salvador, in addition to being the largest.

Tourist map of the Costa del Sol

Before that nothing is good to locate us how the area is distributed and what better to do it through a tourist map in which we can see the different options we have for vacation and enjoy.

Tourist map of the Costa del Sol


Here different recreational activities can be especially in family, which can result in an unforgettable experience. Some of those activities that you can perform when you visit this place include the following:

  • Watch beautiful sunsets or sunrises
  • Enjoy fresh seafood
  • Taking long walks
  • Fishing
  • Practice Beach soccer
  • Play volley ball Beach
  • Navigate through the mangroves on the estuary of Jaltepeque
  • Enter the sea out of the mouth of the cord or the mouth of the Lempa River which is adjacent to the Los Negros Beach which is a wonderful quiet unspoilt beach
  • Visit the Montecristo island where you will find accommodation and food services
  • Make boat rides or yachts, jet skis
  • Ride on Quad bike

Some hotels also offer the possibility of navigating the estuary of Jaltepeque either on boats or yachts; the estero has 28 kilometers long with a stunning Habitat of shorebirds with two mouths: piping and Tasajera; This estuary is one of the areas of el salvador, and you can see birds such as herons, ducks, gulls, since these mangrove forests are haven for migratory and resident birds.

You can also enjoy the heat of Sun, sea breeze and the refreshing shade of the coconut trees and at the same time to revel in the dishes more varied they are served in the dining rooms and restaurants.

This beach is developed every year the international Marlin fishing tournament and sporting events such as volleyball and football of beach, at the stadium built recently.

The Costa del Sol is home to a great diversity of mammals, reptiles and birds in the region and migration, as well as of a marine fauna that make it a unique tourist attraction. Another detail that is also characteristic is that the sand of these beaches has a greyish tinge lighter as the majority of Salvadoran beaches.

Hotels in the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol, is considered as the beach area with a major hotel and restaurant development of Salvadoran tourism, boasts a wide variety of hotels, farms, hostels and restaurants offering the best comfort, quite suitable for congresses and conferences with the added value and offer visitors a relaxed and dozens of recreational activities.

Some hotels offer family packages from $100 on weekends. Some of the hotels that can be found include the following:

* Click on the name to go to the page of each hotel.


Note that most hotels listed above you will find the restaurant service, though you can also find restaurants that offer exquisite seafood and national and international dishes, as well as drinks.

Zona Geográfica: Boulevard Costa del Sol

Hotel y Restaurante La Curva de Don Gere

Blv. Costa del Sol, Km. 60, playa San Marcelino, San Pedro Masahuat
(503) 2327-0500

Restaurante Yesenia

Km. 60 Playa San Marcelino
(503) 2338-2576

Restaurante Kenny Mar

Km. 60 Playa San Marcelino
(503) 2338-8257

Aqua Fun

Boulevard Costa del Sol, Km. 75 ½ San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2305-5294

Mariscos Mary

Boulevard Costa del Sol, Km. 68 1/2, Cantón El Zapote, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2338-0384

Restaurante Acajutla Costa del Sol

Blvd. Costa del Sol Km. 73.5
(503) 2338-0397

Restaurante La Hola

Boulevard Costa del Sol, KM 66 Contiguo a Apartamentos Porto Fino.
Tel. (503) 2338-2212 y 2328-3435

Zona Geográfica: La Puntilla

Comedor Daysi

Playa La Puntilla, Cantón El Zapote, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2338-0151

Comedor y Depósito Cecy

Playa La Puntilla, Cantón El Zapote, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2338-0146

Zona Geográfica: Los Blancos

Restaurante Glenda Mar

San Antonio Los Blancos Km. 66 ½, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2338-2060

El Gran Chema

San Antonio Los Blancos Km. 66 ½, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2338-2060

Zona Geográfica: Muelle la Herradura

Comedor Ludys

Muelle Municipal, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2375-1956

Restaurante y vivero de conchas El Milagro

Barrio El Calvario, calle al muelle, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2365-0048

Conchódromo Adelita

Muelle Municipal, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2323-1326

Conchódromo Paquita

Muelle Municipal, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2365-0107

Comedor Karen

Muelle Municipal, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2365-0427

Comedor Blanca

Muelle Municipal, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2365-0408

Rancho Lupita

Muelle Municipal, San Luís La Herradura

Zona Geográfica: Parque acuático Costa del Sol 

Comedor Lucy

Parque Acuático La Costa del Sol, Los Blancos, San Luís La Herradura.
(503) 2365-0189

Comedor Maria Luisa

Parque Acuático La Costa del Sol, Los Blancos, San Luís La Herradura
(503) 2338-2051

Conchodromo Lily

Parque Acuático La Costa del Sol, Los Blancos, San Luís La Herradura.
(503) 2308-0265


In this area there are many ranches, which reservation can be rented for a day or a weekend with family or friends, to know what are the available ranches we recommend visiting this page where you will find more information about each of them:

Turicentro Costa del Sol

The Park aquatic Costa del Sol, also known as the tourist center of the Costa del Sol, is a recreational site administered by the ISTU, which has 20 acres. It has two attractive swimming pools for adults and two for children. 132 cabins available to the public has offers relaxation and comfort, those mentioned previously have desvestideros, bathrooms and an excellent area of parking. This destination is located on the Boulevard Costa del Sol

Entrance to the tourist center of the Costa del Sol costs are as follows:

  • Adults: $1
  • Children under 9 years: free entry
  • The elderly: free entry
  • Parking of vehicles: $1
  • Cabin rental $4.00 USD per family. He is an additional deposit of $1.00 USD and is refunded at the end of his visit, after the return of the key and padlock Ranch.

Opening hours to the public are from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information you can call at (503) 2222-8000 Ext. 151 – Information.


He is recommended to the tourists use repellent, sunscreen 30 +, carry enough water, sandals or comfortable shoes, cool clothes, swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, small backpacks. Do not carry valuables.

On the other hand also are encouraged to make good use of this place avoiding littering outdoors and depositing it in the respective containers for this purpose.

How to get to the Costa del Sol?

If you want to visit the Costa del Sol, before you should know that this is about 65 kilometers southeast of San Salvador, less than thirty minutes from the international airport of Monsignor Romero and an hour and a half from San Salvador. The specific location is in Canton San Antonio the white in San Luis La Herradura, la Paz Department. To get we can do it by car or by bus.

  • By car: go south on the motorway to Comalapa, follow signs for the beach turn right entering the road of the coast (CA-2), until you reach the Jiboa bridge, take the detour to the Blvd Costa del Sol.
  • By bus: at the South terminal see the route that leads directly to the Costa del Sol, which will take you along the boulevard of the Costa del Sol to the La Puntilla beach.

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