San Diego Beach

San Diego Beach is located in the port of La Libertad, in the Department of La Libertad in El Salvador. This is a wide beach that has more than 7 kilometers (4.35 miles) extension, making it ideal for sports such as jogging, volley ball and football. Although it is usually quite busy, you can also enjoy plenty of privacy.

Beach San Diego

Thanks to its extensive Beach area, this is an ideal place for camping by the sea. For your peace of mind, can be accompanied by national police of tourism (POLITUR) free of charge. Simply request this service a week in advance. It is suggested to consult the procedure to follow with this institution.

San Diego Beach, a beach surrounded by private ranches but access to its coast is open to public. You will also find places to eat in which you can taste delicious dishes prepared with fresh seafood, from $2.

Within this area you can visit the paradisiacal panorama offered by the mouth of San Diego, 5 minutes away (by car). You will see the activity of the locals and fishermen in search of shellfish among the mangroves. From this point, you can see the mountains surrounding the Department of La Libertad and the impressive San Vicente volcano Chinchontepec.

How to get there

If traveling by car, coming from the streets of San Salvador, take as a point of reference the lighthouse shopping center. To reach this site, turn left in the direction of the coastal highway in directed toward the subdivision Beach San Diego, also known as road to the international airport.

Bus route: can board the route 102 and the 102-B which runs from the port of La Libertad to San Diego. Access to the beach is close to the entrance. Dear passage cost $0.50 USD – $0.75 USD.

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