Apastepeque lagoon

Apastepeque is a city located in the Eastern Department of San Vicente, El Salvador. Its name in Nahuatl means “Hill of the alabaster” or “Hill of the great vessels”, this city is located at an altitude of 590 metres above the sea level, so it is a place where it’s hot almost year-round.

Laguna of Apastepeque

Precisely here we find a magical place that is known as Apastepeque lagoon, which is a lagoon formed in a volcanic crater. This tourist place offers two rooms for visitors: the rustic and “indigenous” (no more comforts than gives us the nature). There people can prepare food outdoors, as in the old days or opt to buy a lunch ready for nearby restaurants. Instead, you can enjoy of CabaƱas, hammocks, tables, pool, food and all the well-being of a recreation center. It all depends on the intentions of the visitor.

In short, the lagoon of Apastepeque offers tourists serenity, relaxation, pleasure and fresh air. Ideal to forget the stifling ordinariness of the city. Nothing here seems to remove the peace or tranquility… people live their existence away from the hustle and bustle, violence and accelerated time. Typical qualities of the cities. The few inhabitants of the area sleep arrullados by a poignant silence that only disrupt it the croaking of frogs and the singing of crickets.

Main attraction, the recreational park of the lagoon of Apastepeque is a floating dock that juts into the lagoon, from where tourists can receive fresh air and enjoy a nice landscape; In addition to a family pool, beautiful gardens, a restaurant with gazebo and picnic areas. On the banks visitors can also enjoy fishing for the laborious local craftsmen. This pond comes from the Lempa River basin. And is of volcanic origin, with a surface area of 0.59 Km2 and a maximum depth of 35 meters.

No doubt this is a place you need to know in our thumb of America, where the magical and mysterious waters of the lagoon of Apastepeque, will be waiting for you.

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