The Pirraya island

The Pirraya the island is an important community which is located in the Bay of Jiquilisco, in the Department of Usulután, El Salvador. This place has become in recent years is a well known site, since some of the beach of El Salvador national football team players are native to this island, as Rubén Batres, Tomás Hernández, Agustín Ruiz.

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The Pirraya is a canton that belongs to the municipality of San Dionisio, Usulután and is undoubtedly a place which became quite mentioned then that beach “warriors”, as they are known to selected football Beach in El Salvador, had excellent performances by classifying to several world in such category and into fourth place in one of them (Ravenna (, Italy, 2011).

However, this island also has become a tourist destination, offered by many tour operators, with which you can appreciate the beauty of the landscape and appreciate its people.

This community inhabited by some 180 families, mostly engaged in fishing. If you want to stay, the place has a hostel with rooms on the edge of the beach, which may return after take a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Punta San Juan Island, five minutes from the community, and end the day watching the beautiful sunsets in this lovely place.

How to get?

You can reach transport audience from San Salvador to the departmental head of Usulutan, the cost is $3.00. Then you can take another bus, bound for Puerto Parada, $0.60. There are boats that will take you to travel across the Bay, the cost is varied: from $1/person, or rent $60/half day. For lunch, you can find out with the boat, on the places to go to eat inside the Bay.

Take plenty of water, sunscreen, insect repellent insect protection, food.

Summer is the best time for your visit. If you want to get in the vehicle, are 128 kilometers from San Salvador, which takes about two and a half hours of travel.

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