List of beaches in El Salvador

El salvador is a beach paradise, has more than 45 beaches under his belt and has more than 300 kilometers of coastal territory. Here you will find all kinds of beaches with friendly waters throughout the year, some of these beaches are excellent for some sports as surfing of international quality, they are also excellent reefs for diving, bays with quiet waves with warm waters and intense sun. We invite you to visit the beaches of our country and in this way make domestic tourism. On this occasion, we present you a listing of the main beaches of El Salvador sorted by geographical area.

Beaches in El Salvador

West beaches

  • Barra de Santiago
  • Metalio
  • Los Cobanos

Beaches in the central area

  • El Palmarcito
  • El Sunzal
  • La Libertad
  • El Tunco
  • La Paz
  • San Diego
  • Costa del Sol
  • El Zonte

East beaches

  • Jiquilisco Bay
  • El Espino
  • El Cuco
  • Las Flores
  • Las Tunas
  • Negra
  • Torola
  • El┬áTamarindo

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