Feast of colors in Panchimalco

Panchimalco is a town in the South of San Salvador offers more than a trip to the past. The fascinating mix of rhythms and colors from the fusion of cultures of Spanish and Creole gives us a unique amalgam of expressions and forms that are manifested in different ways. One of them are flowers and palms of Panchimalco.

Feast of colors in Panchimalco

Panchimalco and its colonial church are just the beginning of an interesting tour of the Mayan culture, in which it is possible to know the ancient language of Cuscatlán, observe the colorful costumes of the “plates” or admire the brotherhoods of the palms. This last option is that more attention these days, since during the month of May is the fair of flowers and palms.

The municipality of Panchimalco is identified by elaborate colorful coconut palms, which are decorated with flowers in a singular form of worship to the mother of God. This is a colonial tradition, although already before it was in honor of indigenous gods.

For this weekend, it has prepared a series of activities within the framework of this festival, among which include sporting events, children’s evenings and for Sunday, the traditional Brotherhood of las palmas.

Also, enjoy a cultural arts festival, which will feature dance of the historiantes, Escutcheons, the national folkloric ballet, marimbas and music and dance groups.

Traditional games are another practice of the celebration. Among them we can mention: the encostalados, the marathon of the eggs, the comelonas of cakes, the molasses and the greasy pole.

But as it is natural in the mixture of native practices, the pagan festival religious celebrations, in addition to so Sunday afternoon will serve as a framework for the procession of palms and the mass in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Fireworks, popular and folk music, the colors and the lights will be the ideal complement to adorn the colonial church dating from the beginning of the 20th century. Incidentally, in the place you can find a fair of handicrafts and on his return, not fall ill make a stop at the mirador de Los Planes, where, in addition to appreciating the city of lights, you can find several places where to taste some delicious pupusas.

How to get there

From San Salvador, you must take the road that leads to Los Planes de Renderos and follow up to the viewpoint. About 50 metres further on you will find the street that will take you to Panchimalco.

If you decide to go by bus, the 17 route leads to the municipality. This can deal with it in the center of San Salvador, on the avenida Cuscatlán, next to first Baptist Church.

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