Atol chuco

The Atol Chuco, (also known as “Atol Shuco”, or simply “Shuco” name of Nahuatl origin), is the oldest typical hot drink of The Salvador, which is made from fermented corn.

Atol Chuco

Atol Chuco is prepared with black or purple corn, because of its distinct flavor,  although you can use normal maize.

The other ingredient is mono beans, which is smaller, less round with dark appearance, and its taste is bitter and slightly salty. If you don’t have this kind of beans you can also use the bean that you want.

Traditionally the atol chuco is served in a deposit called “guacal”, made from the fruit of a tree called “Morro” which serves as a side dish and is taken always without a spoon.

The Atol Chuco is usually consumed in the afternoon, also is commonly traditional in some places of the country and It’s frequently served with French bread and additional ingredients like Chile to taste, red beans, alguashte, corn and lemon on rare occasions.

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