Cathedral of San Salvador

In the centre of the capital is San Salvador Cathedral, also known as Cathedral Metropolitan of the divine Savior of the world, which is white like the clouds and also is the most elevated of the historic centre, so it is easy to visualize.

Cathedral of San Salvador

The front of the temple has two bell towers jutting out of the entire structure. In 1956 it was when the first stone was laid for what would be one of the most visited churches in the country. This was completed and consecrated in 1999.

In the atrium of this church was one of the largest celebrations that have been known in El Salvador, the peace agreements putting end to a conflict of 12 years of civil war. Also this church was visited twice by Pope Juan Pablo II in 1983 and 1996.

In the past, the Church had a mural created by artist Fernando Llort, which was withdrawn in 2011, on the grounds that it was not consistent with the Catholic faith.

Front of the Cathedral of San Salvador is the Plaza Gerardo Barrios, also known as civic square; and next to the National Palace is located.

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