El padre sin cabeza (Legend)

The legend of headless father is a popular legend not only in our country El Salvador but also in other countries of Central America. According to the Salvadoran version, the father without a head is the soul of a priest who died in sin, without being able to confess, product of a passionate love affair that had and now forces him to bagar wandering as a Banshee in eternity.

El padre sin cabeza, legend

Some also say that the father without a head was a priest who died in a revolt along with various oppressed peasants and was subsequently beheaded by the authorities of his time.

Whatever the version, the legend has it that headless father comes through the doors of the Church of the Rosary, daily Friday of the year. Sale at noon to walk on the 6th Avenue, to the North. Then runs along the street where was the film freedom, folded the corner between the 6th Street East and heads down the street. After going through half block, disappears and returns to reappear, entering the Church La Merced; There is seen through the atrium and through the closed door of the Church.

People who have seen him say that also come up to the Bell Tower. Headless father is not a mere capital event, but has appeared in Cojutepeque and in Santa Ana, they say that leaves El Carmen Church and then crosses the 1st Avenue and central park, then enters the Cathedral with the doors closed. Also have seen him La Paz, San Vicente, Zacatecoluca and up to day walking through the streets.

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