Chopped green mango

Chopped green mango is a very consumed fruit in El Salvador when it is the mango season, which is between the months of February and may. Green mangoes or mangos tender, grow on the trees of the same name that bloom in December. The most common variety in El Salvador is the Indian mango.

Chopped green mango

Green mangoes is necessary to download them from the trees, so it is necessary to use the Salvadoran creativity to do so. some lower them stoned to death, but others prefer to climb the trees, to prevent the fruit from hitting.

Once the handle, you have it Peel and is made in small pieces (like the picture); If desired you can add is salt, chile and alguashte (ground pipian seed) to give an excellent taste, since they are quite acidic.

Some brothers Salvadorans abroad sigh to see images of green mangoes in social networks. Here in the country even sold as prepared in bags, prices are between $0.25 and $0.50, depending on how it is prepared.

Mango is a vitamin C-rich fruit and who has never tried the Green mangoes, is surely not Salvadoran.

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