Suchitoto: Cultural city of El Salvador

Without a doubt, one of the villages of great cultural wealth in El Salvador is Suchitoto. Place of birds and flowers, according to Nahuatl word, this city, in the Department of Cuscatlán, is regarded as a colonial town of great architectural beauty, and despite being one of the places hardest hit by the civil war, is today an example of cultural wealth.

Suchitoto, El Salvador

Speaking of Suchitoto, we cannot fail to mention one of the architects of the cultural rescue, Alejandro Coto, to whom this town owes great part of the cultural, tourist and social recovery. Located 30 minutes from San Salvador, this population was daclarada “National monument” by being the first via colonial Spanish, founded in 1528.

In the 19th century it was an important city anilera and agricultural. The city is surrounded by impressive wealth of natural resources. One of its main attractions is the spectacular view of Suchitlan Lake, formed by the reservoir of the Lempa River and created in 1973 by the construction of the Cerrón Grande hydroelectric dam.

Another attraction is the old church of Saint Lucia who represents one of the oldest and most imposing, buildings with its architectural beauty which in recent years has experienced a long period of reconstruction. In addition its cobbled streets, the old houses with its ancient balconies and the theatre of the ruins, are a real pride for this town.

Born as a desire of young people set aside the sounds of war, from the month of February 1991, Suchitoto became the city in which more than 30 countries have participated in the permanent Festival of art and culture.

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