El Palmarcito Beach

El Palmarcito beach is located in the Department of La Libertad in El Salvador, taking the detour to the right at km 51 and 1/2 of the highway CA-2 (on the coast).

ElĀ Palmarcito is a beach that has excellent conditions for sports such as surfing and body surfing.

El Palmarcito Beach

In the area are also small businesses that have guarded parking areas and offer their food service with the speciality of serving fresh seafood at low prices. Prices are around $2.50 thereafter. There are also small shops that offer from soft drinks, sweets and other types of meals at low cost. In addition there is a private club that has area of accommodation, restaurant, swimming pools for children and adults with slides, among other attractions.

Visitors can use this beach for camping or accommodated in hostels in the area at affordable prices. If you want to camp, every visitor must carry appropriate equipment.

How to get there

The entrance to the El Palmarcito beach is located after the “El Palmar” bridge. If traveling by vehicle, it is recommended to follow the coastal road. It is located in the Department of La Libertad, taking the detour to the right at km 51 and 1/2 AC-2 (coast) road. On the road you will find a sign indicative of the beach.

If you travel by bus, you should take the “287” route that has its route from the city of Puerto de La Libertad to Sonsonate. The cost of the passage varies up to $0.75 USD.

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