Gentilicios of the departments of El Salvador

A name is a name which is known to people born in a certain place, regardless if they live there or not. For example, the adjective for people born in El Salvador are Salvadorans.

Gentilicios of the departments of El Salvador

So also on any part of the world there are gentilicios who are assigned itself many times and at other times according to any specific characteristic of the place. Let’s see then what are the 14 departments of El Salvador attributives:

  1. Ahuachapán: Ahuachapanecos
  2. Santa Ana: Santanecos
  3. Sonsonate: Sonsonatecos
  4. Chalatenango: Chalatecos
  5. San Salvador: Capitalinos
  6. La Paz: Pacense
  7. La Libertad: Libertadenses
  8. Cuscatlán: Cuscatlecos
  9. Cabañas: Cabañénses
  10. San Vicente: Vicentinos
  11. San Miguel: Migueleños
  12. Morazán: Morazanenses
  13. Usulután: Usulutecos
  14. La Unión: Unionenses

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