Hostal El Imposible

El Imposible National Park is located in the southwest of the country, in the Department of Ahuachapán. This park covers a forest area located on the southern slopes of the cordillera de Apaneca, between 350 and 1,350 meters above sea level.

Hostal El Imposible

The impossible is one of the most representative the country’s forests, also has the greatest diversity of flora and fauna known in El Salvador.

A beautiful nature reserve within the reach of everyone, especially now that Salvanatura and the Embassy of Spain inaugurated the impossible hostel.

This place is an ecotourism project developed in the hamlet of San Miguelito, neighboring community sector San Benito del Parque Nacional El impossible.

The hostel was built through the project development ecotourism of the Caserío San Miguelito, with funding from the Spanish Agency for international cooperation (AECI).

It has five cabins with capacity for 6 people, a roundabout of rest, a small pool, a restaurant and a cabin for the administration.
Ixcanal Café has an extensive menu, exquisite dishes and a variety of drinks for all tastes.

Other contributions offered to the preservation of natural resources, is the use of solar energy as a source of supply of energy required in its facilities, including the pumping system that drives water from the source to the distribution tank. The water used by the hostel comes from a source located at the property, which has been captured and protected.

Wastewater treatment is based on the installation of individual septic per cabin. A simplified sewerage system leads the effluent of each cabin into a septic tank of greater capacity where it is directed to a biological filter that combines the action of a bed of gravel, volcanic, with the action of absorption that the roots of the plants placed on the surface of the bedrock.

In addition, and to improve the levels of organic matter removal, part of the effluent is channeled into a special deposit consisting of a bed consisting of a colony of earthworms. The resulting effluent is distributed on the ground through a field of infiltration ditches.

If you want to visit El Imposible El Hostal must take into account that reservations, both for visits to the Park as to the cabins, must be made by means of Salvanatura, the entity that manages the Park, a week in advance. You can communicate by phone 2279 – 1515.

Another important fact from the hostel is the price. By a cabin reservation you must cancel $ 30 for two people. If you bring guests, six people per cabin, you will need to cancel a recardo of $5 per person.

How to get there

If you leave San Salvador, take the Pan-American Highway until you reach the junction of Sonsonate. Continue until you reach the site known as “5 Kilo”. Take the road of the coast towards La Hachadura border, then 25 kms to the kms 107 turn right after the bridge of the Ahuachapio River. Handle 13.5 km of paved road and in good condition, the road carries it to the hostel and the entrance of the Park.

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