The beauty of Lake Coatepeque

Coatepeque Lake is one of the best known lakes in El Salvador, for its splendor, beauty and the sense of tranquility that transmits to its visitors. It is located between the municipalities of Congo and Coatepeque in the Department of Santa Ana. This Lake is of volcanic origin and has an area of 26 km2.

Lake Coatepeque

In addition, Coatepeque Lake is located at an altitude of 740 meters. on the level of the sea. Paradise view attracts many tourists every year. Because of its beautiful landscapes, this is considered as one of the most notable and the country’s attractions.

The topography of the Lake is very curious, since it has two small peninsulas, which are popularly known as “The glasses” and an island called “Isla del Cerro”. These islets are very famous for its friendly atmosphere and it magnificent views that thousands of tourists annually enjoy peacefully. Coatepeque Lake is an oasis that is being protected by many entities, both public and private, so that it can be enjoyed by all.

Coatepeque Lake has become famous also for the different activities that can be performed within it and its surroundings. For example, the Lake is the ideal place to enjoy good hotels, restaurants, or simply go fishing and water skiing. Another very popular activity among visitors to the Coatepeque Lake is skirting its shores in rowing or motor boat, especially when it comes the end of the day.

Coatepeque has served as inspiration to painters, writers and poets who in their honor have made an endless work. Coatepeque Lake is famous throughout the country and abroad for its delicious soup of crab, authentic dish that is served from the most modest to the more distiguido restaurant. Visitors enjoy this tasty dish to the sound of the marimba music.

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