Cerro Verde

Cerro Verde is one of the extinct volcanoes of El Salvador, located in Santa Ana, 2,030 meters above the level of the sea between the other two volcanoes; these being Santa Ana or Ilamatepec (El Salvador’s highest volcano) of 2,365 metres above sea level and the youngest volcanoes in the world the Izalco of 1,910 m, known in centuries past as the “lighthouse of the Pacific” by its continuous eruptions from the moment of birth in 1770, time in which sailors served them as point location during their journeys on the Central American Pacific. Both volcanoes can be scaled, the shorter is the Izalco.

Volcano of Izalco, Cerro Verde and Santa Ana volcano

The green hill is one of the places that are included within the route of bird watching, as well as the national parks of the impossible in San Francisco Menéndez, Ahuachapán and Montecristo in the town of Metapán.

In this we can see fauna which has increased its population thanks to “earthquakes” time during which did not have near the largest predator fauna “Man”, since access to the mountain roads were damaged and could not be repaired promptly.

They are now in good condition. During the ascent lavas of different ages and colours, we can see several places where to observe the Coatepeque Lake and the fertile valley of Zapotitán eastward. This is the meeting point for climbing the volcano of Santa Ana and Izalco, from where you have 360° views.

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