Jiquilisco Bay

Jiquilisco Bay is currently in possession of natural and scenic beauties of world quality. Jiquilisco was a pre-Hispanic population, whose Nahuatl toponym meaning “place of Indigo growers”.

Jiquilisco Bay

According to researchers, in a place of the Bay, called Xiribaltique, were built approximately twelve caravels between 1536 and 1540, which were subsequently used for your trip to North America in which Rodriguez Cabrillo and the “San Salvador” Caravel discovered California (United States).

With an approximate area of 55 kms., Jiquilisco Bay has a total of 27 Islands, among which we can count: Island Méndez, Corral de Mulas, mother salt, the Pirraya, the Holy Spirit, etc.

Here 54 types of birds have been identified at different times, some can be seen throughout the year. The variety of birds and because it’s still in good condition, different institutions are trying to include it in the “Ramsar sites” recognized around the world.

Some of the birds that can be found are: herons, spoonbills, Brown, and white pelicans, cormorants, pichiches, egrets (four species), hawks (three species)), falcons (3 species), among others.

Among the reptiles are: masacuatas, boas, iguanas, turtles, crocodiles, etc.

Among the fish we have: marqueta, sea bass, swordfish, vela, marlin (which during their migration through our waters and a fishing tournament, takes place with participants from Canada, Mexico, USA and Central America), different mollusks (town of donkey, curil, mussels), etc.

This area has four types of mangrove, about these growing bromeliads. They are also producers of debris, at the same time participate in the formation of soil and involved in multiple food chains between the same ecosystem.

Between dry land and mangroves have a transitional forest between the trees in this have the huiscoyol. The vegetation of the beach is adapted to withstand high temperatures and salinity, with strong leaves and camosas; This being a pioneer vegetation, so it is important not to disturb the area.

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