Río Sapo (Sapo river)

The Sapo River is one of the best known rivers of El Salvador due to the green color of its waters. This River is located between the municipalities of Perquin, Arambala, in the Department of Morazán and is considered to be one of the few water resources of the country which has water that is not contaminated. In fact, it is considered as “the cleanest El Salvador River”.

Sapo River, Morazán

The origin of its name could be due to the River are at least five classes of these amphibians; also by a boil that grows on it and that it is known as boiling frog.

The toad River is a pretty ideal place for nature lovers who enjoy bird watching, walking by the banks or bathe in fresh and sparkling waters.

Access to this wonderful tourist place is through the detour to the municipality of Arambala and this city, 5 kilometers in the direction of Joateca, the Sapo River is located.

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