Use of the internet in El Salvador

In the past decade, access to the internet in El Salvador grew considerably due to the expansion and economic investment by telephone companies. Every day thousands of people make use of this service for different purposes, either for personal or commercial purposes.

Use of the internet in El Salvador

Most people in our country use the internet to communicate with their loved ones, specifically on social networks, where even can create business contacts or relations of friendship between people who share similar tastes.

There are also those who use the internet to learn about the reality that the country is experiencing. Others use it to search for classified ads in El Salvador or make purchases, which turns him into an environment where you can develop e-commerce, both for individuals and for national or foreign companies.

The companies have also taken advantage of the internet boom and have used it to reach direct customers or be closer to them. It is common for companies to have your own web page or pages where customers request information about products or services offered by social networks.

Schools have taken advantage of the internet using it as a technological tool for teaching. Currently in some places the students are taught to cultivate creative thinking to stimulate the development of hardware or software; which primarily serve to educate other students.

Most Salvadorans have access to internet via mobile devices, especially smartphones thus enabling an enjoyable experience and to have precise information at any place wherever they may be. To do this, simply purchased packages or navigation plans which may have lifetimes of hours or days, depending on the needs of the client.

In the near future is expected to expand communication; in this sense, the telephone companies have a huge challenge to continue to grow and offer more affordable costs. That is why in some places has been taken as an offer in El Salvador free internet (via wifi) so that business or people interested clients can make use of this invention, considered the most important of the past century.

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