Los Cóbanos Beach

Los Cobanos beach is one of the most visited beaches in El Salvador. Since it contains many reefs, it becomes also an excellent choice for lovers of scuba diving; in fact some tour operators offer in their packages in the summer season.

Los Cobanos beach

The dive lasts 4-5 hours, plunging up to about 10 km in the sea and with dives of up to 30 meters. On this beach are also some accommodations where you can spend the night if you want to visit this place for more than one day.

Los Cobanos is a volcanic origin, its white sandy beach and rocks will surprise you.

How to reach at Los Cobanos

To visit this beautiful beach of El Salvador it has to go southbound to Sonsonate, then continue towards Acajutla, passing by the Kilo 5 detour, and approx 3 kms you will find the detour to Los Cóbanos. You have to turn to the left (towards the East); Los Cobanos beach is 7 kms. approximately after passing the detour.

If you prefer to arrive by bus, you must take from the Western terminal in San Salvador, the 205 route that travels to Sonsonate. Take route 257 which leads directly to the Los Cobanos beach then in Sonsonate.

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