Tourism in El Salvador

Our country has the advantage of possessing a small territory – 21,000 square kilometers-, in which you can visit in a few hours many tourist sites.

Tourism in El Salvador

You can travel to the mountain and the sea on the same day; You can practice ecotourism in ecological reserves, forests, lakes and rivers to far and wide.

We have more than 300 kilometres of coastline, beaches where you can practice all kinds of water sports and scuba diving…

In this space we show you some of the beautiful landscapes where you can spend an excellent season holiday. You can also move to the picturesque villages and cities of the interior, where, with the friendliness that characterizes our people, will be very well attended. And where you can also enjoy of each crafts.

If you want to know interesting places to visit we recommend you visit Tourism in El Salvador (in Spanish), a website where you will find a list of sites sorted by type.

Without doubt El Salvador offers tourists an excellent stay, we encourage you to visit it.

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