Metalio Beach

The Metalio beach is located in the municipality of the same name, in the Department of Sonsonate, El Salvador. This beach is characterized by greyish sand, clear waters and a variety of restaurants on the shore where you can taste delicious dishes, which makes it a perfect destination for tourists.

Beach Metalio, Sonsonate

Since the Metalio Beach in an area close to the port of Acajutla is also seen as a place that stimulates much trade in this area.

This beach is also a perfect destination for photographers and people wishing to observe the beautiful sunsets at any time of the year.

In some nearby areas you can also enjoy mangroves that are very interesting to know because of the different species of seabirds that live among the trees.

How to get?

If traveling by car, from San Salvador head southbound to the port of Acajutla. At the junction of the Kilo 5 turn West (right hand) to address the CA-2 road. Explore 9.9 km and you will find there a detour hand left with signage indicating where to cross to reach the beach.

If you decide to arrive by public transport, the bus route 205, which leads to the Sonsonate, then this place it must address route 259 which takes you to the La Hachadura border you should address in San Salvador. Get off at the junction indicating cross MetalĂ­o. From there toward the beach is approximately 1 km that can walk.

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