San Sebastian looms

San Sebastian is located in the Department of San Vicente and is about 48 kilometers from the capital, San Salvador, heading towards the West. From the capital only takes about an hour to get to this great people.

San Sebastian looms

This is the ideal place to observe the looms of hand made here. The beautiful fabrics contain beautiful designs and bright colors that the inhabitants hand knit. Salvadoran hands that make these looms are experts in this, this beautiful art has been legacy from generation to generation for many years.

The interesting thing about the looms is the range of designs that people have created for their fine products. The size of the looms can vary from very small (like a bag of hand) to very large (to obtain a huge bedspreads). San Sebastian is filled with stores that sell rolls of these beautiful fabrics.

Tourists who visit San Sebastian are amazed to have known a bit of Salvadoran culture and knowledge as it is the idiosyncrasy of the Salvadoran.

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