Ilobasco is recognized nationally and internationally for their well-crafted and beautiful crafts, in a special case their curious and colorful crafts miniature. This population is located in the central region of El Salvador and belongs to the Department of Cabañas.

Ilobasco handcrafts

Ilobasco is known as “The city of handicrafts”; its name is of nahuatl origin, comes from the word Hilotaxca, which means “tortilla made of corn”, is one of the pinterescos places that make up the craft route, promoted by the Ministry of tourism in El Salvador. Made in wood, ceramic, clay and some embroidery items adorn sidewalks and interiors business visited by national and foreign tourists.

Griddles, jars, capiruchos, key, dolls, religious, Christmas images, spinning tops, pictures and very typical pieces about Salvadoran daily is displayed in shops and stores that are scattered throughout the village. This kind of articles are what make the region a destination with international importance. And it is an excellent destination for visiting, taking advantage of your visit to El Salvador.

During the colonial era it became known with the name of Gilobasco, Hilobasco, Xilobasco, believed that the Spanish priests pronounced it and wrote it due to a mistake in pronunciation. The inhabitants of the place claim orally Ilobasco is an indigenous name meaning “Golden thread”, more clearly warns that it is naïve to say what Ilobasco means, in no pre-Columbian language this term is. The etymology is “Place of many milpas”. It is believed that he was called thus because the plantations of corn grow abundantly in its fertile lands.

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