San Andrés, El Salvador archaeological site

This Archaeological Park is located 37 KMS. San Salvador, on the highway that leads to Santa Ana, located towards the center of the Valley of Zapotitán, on the banks of the Rio Sucio.

Now, this region is famous for its fertility, an important factor also for agricultural communities developed in pre-Hispanic times. This circumstance is reflected in the high density of archaeological sites in the Valley, with a total estimated at 350.

San Andrés, El Salvador archaeological site

This site is one of the most important pre-Hispanic centers in El Salvador which preserves remains of a Mayan ceremonial and commercial centre built between the years 600 to 900 ad and is one of El Salvador’s largest pre-Hispanic centers.

It would have been a regional capital between the years 600 to 900 ad, during the late classic period. This ancient community consisted of a monumental Center surrounded by a large common residential area. It is believed that St. Andrew came to dominate the entire Valley of Zapotitán, and some neighbouring areas, such as the Valley of the hammocks where San Salvador.

In the archaeological museum you can see archaeological pieces found in the place notably beautiful eccentric Flint, as well as historical articles of the colony such as costumes, photographs and swords.

You can also see the history of the mill of Indigo whose batteries are located next to the Museum.

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