Pupusas (recipe)

If you ever wondered how to make Salvadoran pupusas, here we have it you in a simple way so you can taste them in family. Pupusas are the typical dish best known and consumed in El salvador and are also known internationally. It is common when tourists or foreigners visit our country, not to leave without having previously tried the pupusas.

Pupusas (recipe)

Recipe to make pupusas

To make pupusas first of all you need a mass, which in El Salvador is prepared usually from Hominy; Although you can also use ground rice. If you wish you can use corn flour or rice flour.

They are basically an omelette, but the difference is that other ingredients that give it a unique flavor are added inside. These ingredients are usually as follows and varies according to the type of pupusa to develop:

  • Pupusas revueltas: cheese achiclado, fried beans, ground pork.
  • Pupusas of cheese: cheese achiclado.
  • Bean cheese Pupusas: cheese achiclado and fried beans.
  • Pupusas of squash: squash (known elsewhere as Zucchini) scratch and achiclado cheese.
  • Pupusa of chicken: ground chicken meat and cheese achiclado.
  • Pork with cheese pupusa: ground pork and cheese achiclado.
  • Beans with chicharron pupusa: fried mashed beans and ground pork.
  • Or La pupusa loca: includes all or most of the ingredients mentioned above.

How to make pupusas?

  1. First is needed to clean the iron with a little oil or butter, to prevent that pupusas are sticking.
  2. Then you must prepare the flour, which is stirred with hot water to form dough.
  3. A little dough is taken and is hit with the Palm of the hand to give it the shape of a pancake. Place it in the Palm of the hand and in the Center add the ingredients mentioned above. This is the most difficult step in which needs to close the dough and ingredients should be on the inside. Practice achieves perfect the technique.
  4. After pulling on the plate to your cooking for a maximum time of 5 minutes.
  5. And ready to serve and eat hot.

If you need a little more of explanation can be guided by the following video:


Preparing salsa and curtido

Unquestionably pupusas must be accompanied of tomato sauce and tanning, to emphasize its flavor.

Making tanning requires cabbage, which chop with a knife or scratched with a black skimmer; Add optional carrot, cauliflower, onion, jalapeño. All these ingredients are attached, are passed over hot water and vinegar is added to them.

Tomatoes, onion, relaxation, garlic and some spices are needed to make the sauce for pupusas. These ingredients are ground or blend to make a sauce to which is added a little water and is sewn to a boil it.

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