Isla Tasajera

The Tasajera island is located in the Jaltepeque estuary, between the departments of La Paz and San Vicente. Bordered on the North by the estero, to the South with the Pacific Ocean, to the West with the entrance of “El Cordoncillo” and East to the mouth of the Lempa River.

Isla Tasajera, El Salvador

Tasejera has an area of five kilometers long. At one end is the mouth of the Jiboa River and on the other the Lempa River.

Navigating the estuary of Jaltepeque is quite an adventure. The radiant Sun and calm waters. On our tour we can see mangroves which rise over the water and some that another fish hovering his face to the surface. We are going way to island Tasajera, a beautiful corner of El Salvador that houses on his deathbed friendly locals and dream-like landscapes.

Leaving San Salvador, down the street from the airport, driving along the road towards the beach of the Costa del Sol. Arriving, until the end of the Boulevard of the same name, is the “El Cordoncillo” mouth. Island Tasajera is located opposite the mouth.

On the island there are two ways to bequeath. If you take a prepared package can be waiting for you in a private parking lot having Tasajera Oasis restaurant in which can leave your vehicle and embark. The other option is to ask the locals who have boat carrying him to the island. The price is calculated in groups of six persons and increases depending on the number of people who embark.

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