Main beaches of El Salvador

There is nothing better than to take a tour of the main beaches of El Salvador. Surely there are many beautiful places in the world but receive the flaming sun tanning combined with eccentric places for fun big, surely few the comparable to the beautiful beaches of La Libertad, a few kilometers from San Salvador, capital of El Salvador.

Main beaches of El Salvador

The advantages of visiting these beaches will experience immediately. Firstly, because there is only a distance of 25 kilometers from San Salvador and you can enjoy delicious dishes and selected local and regional Latin American music.

The beaches of La Libertad in the Department of the same name have its own feature: experience a sun shining from his birth until it is hidden, its waves are peaceful, placid for a refreshing swim in the sea. Another of the benefits is that there exists an artisanal port where dozens of native fishermen offer visitors the most varied seafood ranging from a small shark to the coveted “red mouth” protein-rich fish.

Different Comando, some private offering various facilities enjoy a rest in hammocks, food buffet, to accommodation if it is that visitors prefer to stay more than one day are located along the coast of the Department of La Libertad. Usually the beaches of La Libertad are visited in large scale during times of holiday decreed by the Salvadoran Government between the months of March and April, August and December, date in which is celebrated Christmas and new year’s Eve.

There are several accesses to reach these eccentric places, coming from the El Salvador international airport or West of San Salvador, road to Santa Ana and the coastline towards the Department of Sonsonate. Access infrastructure is brand new so the national, ethnic and foreign tourists move as soon as possible without any problems and inconvenience. By Needless to say it, the police security is outstanding, dozens of the direction of traffic and safety elements, move along the 25 kilometres of travel, to assist and protect tourists at any time of the year.

Only 30 minutes from San Salvador, we have the port of La Libertad, a beautiful seaside town where there are hotels, restaurants and beautiful beaches of black sand. Here, in this place you can eat seafood, or surfing near this port is the beach of El Zunzal which is ideal for this sport.

Along the coast are many towns and villages of fishermen, where there is food and beaches where swimming, seafood or a refreshing drink, apart from admiring a beautiful sunset or walk in the sand. Many people rent horses to stroll to children and adults along the coast.

A popular place is La Costa del Sol, where hotels are with all the comforts, boats for rent, tennis courts for sports, swimming pools and many other amusements.

Another very special place is where Jiquilisco Bay, mangrove, the very nature of the bays, channels and some islands, can be seen taking walks in boat and enjoy a beautiful view of the beaches and estuaries. Many hotels and restaurants offer their services in this place.

Main beaches in El Salvador

  • La Libertad: Puerto de La Libertad, San Diego, El Obispo, Conchalio, La Paz, El Zunzal, El Zonte, Solimar, Mizata y Sihuapilapa.
  • Sonsonate: Acajutla, Los Cóbanos y Metalío.
  • Ahuachapán: La Barra de Santiago y Garita Palmera.
  • La Paz: La Costa del Sol y Zunganera.
  • Usulután: Bahía de Jiquilisco y El Espino
  • San Miguel: El Cuco.
  • La Unión: El Tamarindo, Playitas, Playas Negras, El Icacal y Las Tunas.


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